7 Cardio Exercises That Won’t Destroy Your Knees

Cardio is not liked by much people due to the fact that it needs excessive time, consumes up a lot of vigor, and can be muscle fatiguing. Moreover, it can put your joints in trouble. People who devote a huge amount of time to cycling or running will be acquainted with that continuous pain in your knees. Below mentioned exercises are supposed to be brilliant for cardio with causing no or minimal pain in your knees.

Elliptical Training

The elongated machine is intended to make your progress in the possible maximum natural way, and there is no effect on your joints due to your workout. For the extra effectiveness of your workout, increase the stride when you walk.

Go frontward or backward and advance or reduce the gradient to move different muscles. For your knees, the elliptical is regarded as one of the best machines.

Recumbent Biking

If you feel knee ache after cycling for longer minutes, then you need to give a chance to the recumbent bicycle. This bike alters the angle of the motion by inserting the seat on a level with the wheels. In place of pedaling downward and upward, your legs start to move frontward and backward. It relaxes your knees as well as your back too.


If you are finding it hard to continue with your usual jogs, give a chance to a slow walk. Walking is much less vigorous on your knees, yet is considered to be an important exercise. Factually, walking speedily can help you lose calories as of the same amount you lose when jogging. Walking is the best recommendation of all. It provides you with the suitability of exercising by not having pain in your knees. It is therefore highly recommended.


Rowing provides a workout to your legs, but it is not the same thing as of running or cycling. For doing the most effective full body exercises rowing is the best recommendation.

It is also one of the best kinds of cardio. If you have pain in your knees, you can lower the intensity and go for a session of low rowing. The shaking of your entire body will put you in amaze by burning fat and strengthening your muscle, and with doing no damage to your knees.


A fine combination of cardio and endurance workout for your entire body is swimming. Your arms and legs propel you through the water by putting your muscles into an excessive amount of exercising. It, too, establishes an advanced cardiovascular endurance by putting you in a situation where you have to limit your breath. And, it will have no influence on your knees.

Jogging on grass/track

Jogging does not let your knees pain. Basically, if you feel the ache in your knees during jogging, it happens due to the concrete or solid nature of the ground. Find a grassy ground or a soft surface for jogging, as it will not hurt your knees. Easy-going surface will not let your knees pain as well as provides you with one of the best cardio exercises.